Liisa works with three-types of Success Coaching:

Personal - Professional - Educational


Life coaching provides people who might be searching for a direction, answers, may currently feel stuck or blocked, or want a ‘touch point’ of support during transition or change or just to keep on track. Success Coaching helps you feel like you have a positive force supporting you so that you can create ‘wins’ with what is important to you.

OUTCOMES: See what’s possible, make practical plans, take ‘step-by-step’ inspired action towards making the positive changes in your life that make you feel good.

  • Health and fitness

  • Relationships transition

  • Parenting

  • Improve social life

  • Feeling more organised and in control

  • Personal spending

  • Confidence & self esteem


Leadership and Business Success Coaching provides expert listening and strategic thinking service for high level executives who want to ‘think out loud’ and talk about the ‘personal side’ of business. Coaching services help business leaders or people with high pressure or stress ‘unload the pressure’, think clearly, feel stable and be powerful and calm.

OUTCOMES: Mental clarity and positive self belief in yourself and what you are doing with the daily and strategic direction of your business life.

  • Executive leadership

  • Strategic planning

  • Career progression or change

  • Work-life balance

  • Motivation and time management

  • Pressures + Demands of the role

  • Communication in the workplace


Student and Academic Success Coaching helps people to feel inspired to be their ‘best self’ while navigating the educational journey. Discover which educational pathway is right for you and work your way to the right profession. Coaching increases self-awareness, self-esteem, goal striving targets and helps you take a positive approach on your journey.

OUTCOMES: Feel like you are on track and know what you have to do to get the education and career you want.

  • What major should I have?

  • What career path will I take?

  • What school should I attend

  • How is my education going to get me a job?

  • How do I develop my professional personal brand?

  • How do I make a living?

  • Help me succeed in my academic life

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